True Shell Cordovan Leather for sale – Yup, it’s The Butt Cheeks of Horses

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True shell cordovan, but not stamped nor marked by the tannery in any way shape or form. Plain shells in that dark red/brown shade known as “Color Number 8”.  Small shells (front row on the left) are 1.5 sq ft and are priced at $60 each. Medium and Large shells have sold out. These prices INCLUDE SHIPPING TO ANY USA ADDRESS. Nothing else to pay. Horse butts. Go figure.  What’s so special about cordovan? It’s the way the fibers are oriented in the skin – it’s a haphazard array that yields a leather that stretches very little at all. Prized for making shoes that don’t stretch, or watch bands, or archery finger tabs. Still, when you get right down to it, it’s the south end of a northward facing horse.