Vegetable Tanned Leather Hides

Veg Tan Cowhides, Veg Tan Calf, Sheep, and Goat Hides

Tooling Bellies For Sale

Updated September 14, 2017

Vegetable Tanned Sheep Hides

vegetable tanned sheep hides for salesoft veg tan sheep leather for sale
Our veg tan sheep hides are soft and smooth, ready for your woodburning, tooling, or ink projects.
Hides run about 7 sq ft of surface area, 2-2.5 oz, and are priced at $60 each, USA shipping included.
veggie tan leather for sale

Vegetable Tanned Goat Hides

vegetable tanned goat hides for salesoft and thin veg tan goat leather for sale
Our veg tan goat hides are soft and have that sligfhtly textured goat skin surface, ready for your woodburning, tooling, or ink projects.
Hides run about 6 sq ft of surface area, 3-4 oz, and are priced at $60 each, USA shipping included.
lining leather soft and thin

North of Cordovan

Vegetable Tanned, Hard Rolled

hard rolled vegetable tanned horse hip strip leather for saleNorth of Cordovan leather for sale, horse hideveg tan belting leather
Here's our new shipment of our very popular North of Cordovan leather.  These are vegetable tanned horse leather, hip strips taken from across the horse's hips.
True shell cordovan is, well, OK, so here goes - it's the butt cheeks of the horse.  These strips come from just above that, so we've always called it
North of Cordovan.  This is a firm leather that has very little stretch.  Popular for making straps and belts.  These strips have been compressed (called 'hard rolled')
at the tannery to make the leather more firm.  Yes, it's veg tanned, but no, you can't tool or stamp it.  Woodburner? Yes, that works.  Each strip is about 5 to 5.5 feet long,
and they vary in width from as wide as your hand up to about a foot or so.  Thickness varies, as these are not split; they're tanned 'full substance' - it
seems like they're all pretty close to 5.5-6 oz pr 2.2-2.4mm.  $50 each, or get 3 strips for $125, and, as always, USA shipping is included.

horse leather strips for sale Horween Chrome Excel Single Shoulders
thick leather for salehorween leathers for saleheavy leathers for sale
Waxy, water resistant, thick, and they smell good too.  What more could you ask for in a leather?  Tanned by Horween in Chicago,
these single USA cattlehide shoulders run about 10 oz in thickness and cover about 6 sq ft each.  Handle this leather each day and
you'll never need hand lotion - it's wicked lubed up.  We sell these shoulders for a flat $60 each, and this price includes shipping to any USA address.
Lines on the table are square feet.

Alum Tanned, Very Firm Lace Shoulders in Medium Honey Brown

vegetable tanned cattle  hides for salethick leather pieces for salealum tanned leather hides for salevery firm leather for sale
These smallish double shoulders/double cheek/face pieces run about 7-8 oz in thickness and are very firm. Softens up nicely in warm water though, and can be wet formed.
Pictures show the typical size you can expect - lines on the table are square feet. We're selling sets of 4 of these shoulder pieces for $60 flat, 48-State USA shipping included.