Antique and Vintage Travel Trunks Currently For Sale

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Updated November 14, 2017

Trunks Currently For Sale

 A Very Nice Small Civil War 
Era Trunk, Leather Covered
Civil War era trunk for sale
48-State Shipping INCLUDED!

Leather Covered Smallish
Trunk from the mid-1800s
Flat topped antique trunk for sale
$300 48-State Shipping INCLUDED!

Mid- Sized 1880s Dome
Topped Trunk
small antique trunk for sale

Sole Leather Trunk
from the mid-1800s!
sole leather antique trunk for sale
48-State Shipping INCLUDED!

Wine Boxes!
Brettuns Village Wine Boxes
Great wedding gifts!
wine boxes for sale
$30 each, USA shipping included!

Leather Covered Small
Jewelry Box - a Modern Reproduction
jewelry box trunk for sale
$85 USA Shipping INCLUDED


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Don't forget! Our prices always include UPS Ground shipping to any address in the 48 contiguous United States - no need to add another penny!
International shipping of our trunks and suitcases is available, but please keep in mind that shipping one trunk outside of the USA will cost around $650.
If you have your own UPS or fedex account number we can ship using your account - maybe your rates are better than ours.

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Refinished antique trunks for sale, made in Maine
Check out Connie's Trunks!
What started out to be a hobby has turned into a full time labor of love. At Connie's Trunks, we get a great deal of satisfaction giving tired, old trunks and antique
trunks new life. We're convinced that each antique trunk we complete is about to become a family treasure to be handed down from one generation to the next.
During the past three years we have restored and sold approximately 300 antique trunks and vintage trunks . . .  and we have a workshop
full of old trunks just waiting their turn. Our goal is to offer a variety of styles and sizes so you can find your "perfect antique trunk."

From Randall Barbera's Antique Trunk Restoration & Design:
beautifully finished antique trunks for sale
The antique trunks, vintage trunks, steamer trunks and chests shown here for sale are all one of a kind, hand-restored,
refurbished and redesigned unique pieces of furniture that have been carefully selected and meticulously crafted.
Click here to visit our online store
Brass banded Refinished antique trunkbeautifully finished antique trunks for sale
beautifully finished antique trunks for saleRefinished antique trunk

Trunks We've SOLD in the Last Few Weeks/Months
 Very Rare Oak Slat Trunk from 1880 or so, 
in Wonderful Condition
Oak Slat antique trunk for sale
Common Travel Trunk
from the Late 1800s
Antique trunk, refinished
Flat Topped Brass Button Trunk
Flat topped antique trunk for sale
Zinc-Clad Packing Trunk
With Brass Lock

SOLD on 10/12
Rounded Top Metal-Covered Trunk
with Working Lock & Key
Restored antique trunks on sale
Cabin Trunk With
Brass Lock and Key
refinished antique cabin trunk for sale with free shipping
1930s Vintage
Wardrobe Trunk by Maidrite
antique wardrobe trunk for sale
SOLD on April 10
Pressed Alligator Metal Covered
Dome Top Trunk, 1880s
Restored antique dome top trunk for sale
Rounded Top 1880s Trunk
Flat topped antique trunk for sale
Gone!  4/15/2014
1890s Mottled Steel Trunk
with Working Lock/Key
antique trunk for sale
Coffee Table Size!
Flat Topped Storage Trunk
Flat topped antique trunk for sale
1880s Mid-Sized 
Standard Trunk
antique trunk for sale
1890s Metal Covered Trunk
with Decorations and a Tray
Metal dome top antique trunk for sale
Mid-1800s Document Storage Box,
Small, Leather Covered!
Late 1800s Document Box for sale
The Perfect Size!
1890s Pressed Zinc Trunk
Pressed metal, patterned metal antique trunk for sale
SOLD on Dec 10
Early Brass Button Trunk
Brass button antique trunk for sale
SOLD on October 25
What a cool wedding gift!!
Steel-Clad Dome Topped
Mid-Size Trunk from the 1880s
dome top trunks for sale
1880s Canvas-Covered
Trunk in Original Condition
Canvas covered antique trunk for sale
SOLD on October 26
1880s Dome Top Trunk
with a Half a Lock
1880s dome top antique trunk for sale
SOLD on September 12
Late 1800s Hat Box Trunk
with Brass Lock
antique trunk for sale
Faux-Leather Covered
Storage Ottoman
from Ducks Unlimited!
leather covered steamer trunks for sale
 Mid-Sized Zinc-Clad Travel Trunk 
w/ Pressed Geometric Pattern!
antique trunk for sale
SOLD on 8/28
Honey Pine Summer Camp Trunk
with Inside Storage Tray
camp footlocker - sold
Wonderful Darker Wood
Standard Box Trunk from
Rauchbach & Goldsmith
Wooden antique trunk for sale
SOLD on Sept 7
US Army
Field Desk Trunk
military desk trunk
1840s Leather Covered Trunk
with Brass Fittings
leather covered trunk
1890s Crystallized Metal Trunk
antique trunk for sale
Very large antique trunk for sale
1880s Mid-Sized Trunk
with Inside Storage Tray
pine wood antique trunk for sale
1890s Made in Maine
Roller Corner Metal Trunk
Metal covered antique trunk for sale
1870s Cabin Trunk
with Working Lock/Key
trunk for the living room
1880s Floral Pattern Metal Clad
Dome Top Trunk
antique camel back trunk for sale
1890s Cabin Trunk
That's a Nice Coffee table Size
antique trunk for sale
1890s Cabin Trunk with
Straps and Lock/Key
coffee table trunk for sale
Wardrobe Trunk from
the 1930s
hartmann wardrobe trunk for sale
A Beautiful Early 1900s
Oak Tool Box
restored antique wooden toolbox for sale

(*Note:  All Trunk Prices Include Shipping within the Contiguous USA)

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Antique Trunk Information

How to Order
At Brettuns Village you have many ordering options - you can e-mail an order then follow up with a check or money order, you can use our shopping cart system,
which allows you to pay with plastic or with your credit card or PayPal account, or you can place an order by calling our phone number (1-207-782-7863) to pay with Visa/MC/Amex/Discover.
Skip down to the bottom of this page for more information about ordering from us. More shipping information is available here.

Once the money is settled, we'll ship your trunk to you by UPS; you check it over when you get it.  If you like it, great, we're all done.
If you don't like it, just send the darned thing right back for a refund.  The return shipping is your expense.
It's a simple method of conducting commerce over the web, but it has worked successfully for us for over a decade.
A note on personal checks - we don't mind them a bit.  We aren't one of those "hold your check for two weeks" joints.
We try to ship as soon as possible.

We accept Visa and Mastercard payments,

If you'd rather not use our online shopping cart system, you can FAX your order to us
FAX: (207)782-7448

Mailing Address:
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*Shipping and Costs
Shipping costs within the contiguous 48 states of the USA are included in the trunk prices shown on the Brettuns Village web site, unless stated otherwise.
We do our best to play it safe when we ship a trunk to you.  We pack them in cardboard and ship via UPS, usually.
Need your new trunk in two days, or overnight?  No problem, we can ship it express for just a few dollars more.
We ship trunks anywhere on the planet
Live outside of the contiguous USA?  When it comes to shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, or other international locations we do not charge for packing the trunk,
and we do not mark up the shipping charge.  We ask only that you pay the actual shipping charge.
Average International shipping charges that you should expect to pay:
Trunk:  USD$650
Suitcase:  USD$350
If you need a case or trunk shipped outside of the USA and have your own UPS or Fedex Account we can ship using your account number - maybe your rates are better than ours.
Send an e-mail to buy a trunk or ask any questions you have about the trunks shown.
No question is too nit picky.  We want to make sure you get just the trunk you want!

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