Nickel-Plated Steel End Caps


Sized to fit trunk handles that are 1.25″ wide. These should be used with handles that have slots in them to allow the handle to slide back and forth in the bracket. This allows the handle to lay flat against the side of the trunk when not in use. TEC-04 are available in nickel-plated steel only and are sold in sets of four for $12, USA shipping included. We throw in four 1.5″ steel nails that are intended to go through the center opening, then through the slot in the handle. Again – these end caps come with the 4 center pin nails ONLY. If you need more nails to attach these to your trunk please visit our Trunk Nails page. Again – each set contains four end caps and four 1.5″ nails. Got it? TEC04 $12 per set of 4, USA shipping included.