(Half Hides) For Sale
This is where we sell our cowhide leather sides
(a 'side' is just half of an entire cowhide).

Updated September 28, 2016

Back in Stock!!
rustic brown leather hides for saleWaxy pull up leather for sale
For sale: waxy leathers for outdoor useoil tanned leathers on sale
Acadia was one of our most popular leathers a few years ago - very rustic and natural looking, wonderful dark brown color, shows
every scratch the poor steer ever endured, including brands and bug bites, and it's waxy and waterproof too.  A great leather.
This is what you think of when you think of leather, unless you're in the Garment District.  Acadia sides are chromium tanned, vegetable
retanned, and beautiful.  All sides in this lot are 19-20 sq ft, 4.5-5 oz in thickness, and priced at $125 per side, 48-state shipping included.
Sides WILL have a hole or scratch or brand or combination of such ailments.
we sell rustic leather hides

Genuine USA Bison Leather Sides
and Partial Hides
bison leather for saleOil tanned leather hides for sale
We've got full bison sides (on the left above), or partial hides in Small, Medium, and Large
USA bison leather for saleUSA bison leather for sale
Here's something new in our warehouse - genuine USA bison leather sides and partial hides.  This is a chromium tanned leather,
milled to soften it to a garment grade hand, struck through/dyed a light tan color (so it looks like veg or smoke tanned leather)
and with a very heavy grain pattern on the outside (the wrinklles you can almost see in the photos above).  Thickness is 4 to 5 oz.
The smaller full sides are 15-16 sq ft; the larger sides are 17-20 sq ft.  The pieces/partials run like so:  Small = 2-3 sq ft
Medium = 4-8 sq ft, and the large ones are 9-11 sq ft.  Take your pick, USA shipping is included in the prices you'll see below.
Your choice

thick nubuck leather hides for salerustic brown leather hides on salenatural looking leather hides for sale
Dark Harbor (aside from being the name of one of the greatest paintings of all time - look it up - you can see the sardines wriggle) is a new addition to the BV empire.
A wonderful shade of greenish-coppery-brown, 6 oz in thickness, nubuck texture (that means it's not smooth, but not as nappy as suede), with excellent pull-up (that
means it turns a lighter shade when you wrinkle or crease it, but then returns to its wonderful color shortly after).  Rustic  Natural.  Get the picture?  Also waxed and oiled
so that it's water resistant, great for outdoor use.  Sides are large; all are larger than 20 sq ft of total surface area.  $125 each, 48-state USA shipping included.

burnt orange leather hides for salelatigo leather hides for saleorange leather hides on sale
Height of Land is a spot in Maine, just north of Rumford,  where you can drive to one of the greatest mountain views in all of creation.  The view from up there, overlooking
Mooselookmeguntic Lake, is truly something worth seeing, especially as the sun sets.  Here's a preview:

Find a way to get there, soon, OK?  Anyway, back to the leather, our Height-of-Land Sunset is a true latigo - the leather has been chromium tanned, then vegetable re-tanned,
so it's not bothered by water much, good for outdoor use.  Nice color too, sort of burnt orange.  We have two sizes available, with 20 square feet of surface area being the
dividing line.  Large sides are over 20 sq ft, small sides are under.  $125 for the big boys, $110 for the smaller ones, and both prices include 48-state USA shipping.
Thickness is 5-5.5 oz, or 2.0-2.2mm.

light gray leather hides for saledark gray leather hides for salethin leather with free shipping
Crush is a new leather for us here at BV Worldwide HQ.  USA cattlehide sides, averaging about 18 sq ft each and 3-3.25 oz (1.2-1.3mm),
chromium tanned and compressed in machine that's about the size of a school bus - hence the name, Crush.
This leather that has a bit of firmness to it.  It's not stiff, but you don't want to make any underwear out of this leather.
This is a close-out lot that came to us from a closed business in the NYC Garment District.  Smells like it was stored a long time,
but we've run our 'Maine Sunshine Test' here - hang these hides outside for a while, they smell fine.  Either color,
light gray or dark gray, $80 each, USA shipping included
If you're in AK, HI, PR, GU, etc we will fold your leather to fit in flat rate USPS boxes.

Heavy Weight Mixed Brown Cowhide Sides
thick brown leather hides for saleearth tone leather hides for saleheavy weight leather hides for sale
heavy weight leather hides for salefirm leather hides for salethick leather hides for sale
A recent arrival here in the worldwide headquarters of BVL:  A large quantity of 5.5 to 6 oz heavy weight USA chrome tanned and vegetable re-tanned cattlehide sides in various shades of brown/tan.
Looks like maybe the tannery was trying this and trying that, in an attempt to hit some target, maybe?  Nice sides, most have a hole or two in them, color range is
pretty much what you can see in the photos.  Regular temper sides - not too stiff, not too soft.  If you're flexible about the exact shade of light brownish-tan then these are for you.
All sides in this lot are larger than 20 sq ft of total surface area, and they're priced at $100 each, 48-state USA USA shipping included.

Good Old Milk Chocolate
chocolate brown leather hides for sale
Ah yes, good old milk chocolate.  Can't help but feel sorry for it these days, as dark chocolate seems to be all the rage.  Here we have vegetable
tanned USA cowhide sides in a lovely milk chocolate brown color, struck through, in 3 oz thickness (1.2mm).  Sides run about 20 sq ft on
average, none smaller than 19.5 sq ft.  Regular temper, very smooth surface.  Nice leather, by golly.  $90 per side, 48-state USA shipping included.

6 oz Buffalo Sides, Brown or Black
buffalo leather for salethick buffalo leather for sale
Firm leather hides for saleheavy weight buffalo leather for sale
Looking for a heavier weight, firm leather?  Shoe leather, table tops, hats that hold their shape - that sort of thing?  Here it is, Bub.
Buffalo sides, 6 oz in thickness (2.4mm), firm temper, walnut brown or black, your choice.  These are not from USA bison -these
are from Asian buffalo, and run smaller than average - about 14-15 sq ft per side.  Chromium tanned, nicely finished to be stain
free, and it resists moisture.  Let the beer flow.  Buffalo sides  $85 each, either color, or get one of each color for $170,
48-state USA shipping INCLUDED.

Avalon Veg Tan Cowhide Sides
veg tan side leather for salebookbinding leather for salethin brown leather hides for sale
Avalon sides are USA cattlehide, vegetable tanned and vacuum dried, and then finished with a nice color on the surface.
Tannery seconds, so expect a hole or two or maybe a sample swatch is missing from along one edge.  Intended for use as book
binding/book covers, Avalon sides run 2.75 oz in thickness and are available in American Tan or British Tan, as shown above.  The British Tan has a reddish tone.
Sides are typical for cowhides, averaging 19-20 sq ft each, regular temper.  Avalon sides, American Tan Only!! - are priced at $80 each, USA shipping included.

Sea Fog (Light Gray)
Nubuck leather hides for saleNubuck leather hides at discount priceLeather hides wholesale pricing
These USA cattlehide sides are thinned down to 2.75 -3 oz (1.1 to 1.2 mm) and dried on glass to stiffen the leather up a bit.  Chromium tanned, and finished
in a color that we see a lot during the 6 weeks of summer up this way: Sea Fog Gray (sold out of Moss and blue).
Good for linings or shoes or bags, our State-o-Maine nubuck sides are all over 20 sq ft of surface area
and are priced at $75 each; USA shipping included.

Giant Sting Ray Pattern Sides
patterned leather hides for salesting ray leather for salesting ray print leather hides for sale
Large USA chromium tanned cattlehides, all larger than 23 sq ft of surface area.  Soft and thin at 3 oz/1.2 mm.
Excellent printed sting ray pattern that is 3-dimensional - you can feel the little bumps with your fingertips quite easily.
$95 each, and this price includes shipping to any USA address (AK, HI, GU, etc:  hides will be folded for shipping)

leather hide clearance outlet
Garment or Upholstery Weight and VERY SOFT!!
Tan cowhide leather hides for saleNatural looking tan leather hides on sale
Garment Leather On Sale!!
In the past we've sold crates and crates of leather sleeves that were supposed to go on lettermen jackets - remember those things?
Well, our supplier got to poking around in their own warehouse and they discovered these sides, which are the hides from which those sleeve parts were cut.
Naturally, our team of PhD employees has named this leather 'Sleeve Sides.'  Nice job, boys.  Take the rest of the week off.
These are large sides, all over 20 square feet of surface area, 3 oz in thickness, and mellow temper.  tan color looks like a new pine board over to the lumberyard.
Sleeve Sides, Tan, $70 each, or get 5 for $300, USA shipping included.

Old Red Wine Sides - Save some Money!
Deep red leather hides on saleDark red leather cowhides for saleCraft grade leather hides on sale, discount leather hides
A new item here at Brettuns Village - Old Red Wine sides are chromium tanned and medium temper (regular for you old schoolers).  Thickness is 4 oz, or 1/16", or 1.6mm.
These are a deep burgundy color, smooth on the surface, and have a nice feel.  That's where the good news ends.  These were recovered from long term storage - they're fine, but they have
fold lines/creases, and discolored/lighter areas where sunlight must have come in through a window and done its thing.  So, bottom line?  Good leather, has some problems,
priced accordingly.  These are still, in spite of the problems, nice leather hides.  Deep red color, so we're calling it Red Wine. As in 'great big bottles of it.'  Belch. Excuse me.  Sides are about 11-12 sq ft each.
Old Red Wine Sides are $50 each - - and this price includes USA shipping.

Geometric pattern leather for salePatterned leather for saleHigh fashion pattern leather for sale
Our French Connection leather is tanned and finished in Italy, but made using USA cattle hides.  Sides run over 20 sq ft each
and are fully vegetable tanned, then embossed and glazed to yield the pattern you see.  It's quite three dimensional, with a regular temper.
Tan color is called 'Wheat' by the tannery.  French Connection sides  $100 each, 48-state shipping included.

black cowhide leather for pursesblack cowhide leather, PU coatedblack cowhide leather by the side

These chromium tanned cowhide sides run about 16-18 sq ft each and are 3.25 to 3.5 oz in thickness (less than one sixteenth of an inch) and are about a medium/regular temper.
Finished with a semi glossy topcoat and then milled briefly to yield a wrinkly texture on the surface.  The gloss, the wrinkles, and the recent breezy weather combined to
force Charlie to say, in his usual understated, low volume way, 'Looks like a gosh danged raincoat to me.'  So there you have it.
Available in Black or Smoke, which is a charcoal gray.  Smoke sides only run about 10-12 sq ft each - small calf hides.  The black ones run 16-18 sq ft each.
charcoal gray cowhide leatherBlack and charcoal gray cowhide leatherBlack and charcoal gray cowhide leatherWaterproof leather hides
Raincoat Sides  $75 each, USA shipping included


Nice Leather with a Great Texture - Tannery Seconds
leather hides for making motorcycle jacketsSoft black leather hides with nice texture
Jacket leather hides on salePebble grain black leather hides for sale
Tanned by Curtidos Bengala, this is Black Jacket - their well-known motorcycle leather.  You choose:  Small sides are all less than 20 sq ft of surface area,
running close to 17 sq ft.  Thickness is 3.5 to 4 oz (1/16" or 1.3-1.5mm), with a regular temper.  Surface is quite consistent in pattern, and the thickness is
very consistent as well.  ALL of these sides have a hole or scratch, so we're calling these B Grade - still good leather and maybe you're cutting smaller
items so a hole over there at that end of the hide is OK.  Small sides (17-19 sq ft), priced at $80 each.
Price INCLUDES shipping to any address served by the US Postal Service.

Nice Leather with a Great Texture - Tannery Seconds - Available in TWO Sizes
bison leather hides for salePebble grain black leather hides for salebuffalo leather hides for sale
These are tannery culls - odd shaped sides from USA bison calves, and, as you can see above, they're all oddly shaped and have holes here and there.
Drum dyed AND spray dyed black, with the characteristic knobby texture of bison.  This is very firm leather - holds shape well.
Chromium tanned, 4 oz in thickness (1/16 of an inch or 1.6mm); choose larger than ten square feet or smaller than 10 sq ft (these are in the 6-7 sq ft range).
The large ones are $90 each, smaller ones are $75 each, and these prices include shipping to any USA address.
black buffalo leather for sale

Black Lizard Print Cowhide Sides
Black cowhide embosed with a lizard skin patternClose up of lizard skin pattern in leather
Black Lizard Print Cowhide Sides
Cowhide Sides, About 20 square feet each
2.5 to 3 oz, textured surface as shown.  Regular Temper.
$70 each

Black Badge Double Butts
smooth black leather for saleblack leather for USCG name tags
Coast Guard flight suit leather for name tagssmooth black leather hides for sale
This is our own Black Badge leather, USA cattlehide double butts (the back half of the cow).  These run big -
about 16-19 sq ft of surface area;  4 oz in thickness, dead on 1.6mm, firm temper, very smooth surface.
This leather is tanned to meet US Government specs for flight suit nametags, among other things.
Black Badge:  $125.  Price includes shipping to any address in the 48 contiguous United States.

Black Natural Grain Elk Print Cowhide Sides
Black natural grain cowhide leather hides on saleNatural grain black leather hides for sale
Black Natural Grain Elk Print Cowhide Sides
USA cattle hide sides, About 20 square feet each
2.5 to 3 oz, textured surface as shown, supposed to imitate elk leather.  Regular Temper.
$85 each
elk grain leather for sale

Black Nevada Print Cowhide Sides
Black natural grain cowhide leather hides on saleNatural grain black leather hides for sale
Black Nevada Print Cowhide Sides
USA cattle hide sides, About 20 square feet each
2.5 to 3 oz, textured surface as shown, medium grain pattern.  Regular Temper.
$85 each
leather hide clearance outlet

Black Buffalo Nevada Print Sides
Black natural grain cowhide leather hides on saleNatural grain black leather hides for sale
Buffalo sides are not from your old pal tatonka out there on the USA plains - these are Asian buffalo, with strange horn configurations
that we don't see all that often over on this side of the rock.  Black Nevada Print Asian Buffalo Sides
3.5 to 4 oz, textured surface as shown, medium grain pattern.  Regular Temper.  13-14 sq ft per hide.
$75 each, 48-state USA shipping included.

Thinner Chromium-Tanned Cowhide Sides, 2.75 oz
Available in Yellow or Pinkish-Red
pink leather hides for saleYellow leather hides for sale
2.75 oz cowhide sides, in yellow -orange or light pinkish red.  Sides run about 16 sq ft each and are not quite soft enough
to be called a true garment leather.  Might be better for bags or footwear.  Might match your clown suit.  Maybe.
Take your pick of these two colors - each is priced at $80 per side, 48-state shipping included.
By the way - a 'side' just means these are half of a full cowhide each - so you're buying a piece that's as big as what
you see on the table there - the lines are square feet.

Soft Denim Blue Oil-Tanned Cowhide Sides, 3 oz
Denim blue cowhide leatherdenim blue cowhide leather
2.75 to 3.25 oz cowhide sides, blue like those stone washed denim trousers you like to wear on casual Fridays.
Very, very soft, slightly oily sides run about 20 sq ft each and are priced at $80 each, 48-state shipping included
These are tanned naked - which means the surface is natural.  You can see every place the steer ever
brushed up against a mesquite thorn and every bug bite and scar.  We like it.
leather hide wholesale clearance outlet

Same Leather in Parchment (Tan, OK, it's Tan, OK Already!
oil tanned leather for saleoff-white leather hides on sale free USA shippingoil tanned leathers
Oil-tanned, 2.75 oz in thickness (1.1mm), off-white headed toward a stormy sky gray.  Parchment sides are
about 20 sq ft of total surface area per side and are $80 each, USA shipping included.

To Our Customers in Hawaii, Alaska, and the Territories:
Most of the hides on this page can be shipped to you free also - but you must agree to allow us to
fold your hides to fit in USPS Flat Rate Boxes, OK?  You can iron them when they arrive, right?  Thanks!

Tan City Croc Embossed Sides
Cowhide embossed to look like alligator
Tan Embossed Sides, washed over with a light brown dye to give the leather a vintage look.
Typical cowhide sides, average 18-20 sq ft of surface area
2.5 to 3 oz, Regular Temper
Embossed with a crocodile/alligator pattern.
$80 each 48-state shipping included

To Our Customers in Hawaii, Alaska, and the Territories:
Most of the hides on this page can be shipped to you free also - but you must agree to allow us to
fold your hides to fit in USPS Flat Rate Boxes, OK?  Thanks!

Bone Cowhide Sides (off-white)
Available with a crocodile/alligator embossed surface
Cowhide offwhite alligator pattern
Bone Gator Print Full Sides
18 to 20 square feet each
2.5 to 3 oz, Regular Temper
$70 each

Natural Tan Wild Lizard Print Cowhide Sides, 3 oz
Light tan leather
2.75 to 3.25 oz glossy cowhide sides, light tan or beige color called Natural by the tannery.
Sides run about 18 sq ft each and are priced at $80 each, 48-state shipping included

True Patent Leathers - Sold by Color Group
patent leathers for sale
Patent leather hides for salePatent leather hides for salePatent leather hides for sale
Nice group of patent leathers, produced overseas but on USA cattlehide sides.  Each of these color groups is being sold as a lot -
each color is available as one lot only, with the square footage as noted below.  Prices shown include shipping to any address in the 48 contiguous United States.
If a color isn't listed in the table, well, chum, sorry.  As Charlie says, 'Done sold it.'  These are all in the 3 to 4 oz thickness range.
Square Feet in the Lot
Dark Purple
Gray Raincoat
Dark Ivy

Excellent leather, a pretty good dog
Indie, our VP of Leather Inspection and Snoozing

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